Adding A Global Shortcut Key

by Rill

Sometimes you want to have a shortcut key to perform a command you use frequently. Here's how to add a shortcut key:

  1. Open the menu. Press "Alt+F1".
  2. Navigate to ">System->Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts. Press" enter".
  3. Tab to the "add" button. Press "enter".
  4. Type a name for your shortcut. For the BlueFish Editor program you might type one of the following:
    BlueFish Editor
  5. Press tab.
  6. Type the command you want to execute with your shortcut key. In our example, you would type:
  7. Tab to and press the "Apply" button.
  8. Scroll down the list again to the bottom and find the name you entered.
  9. Right arrow once to the shortcut column.
  10. Press "enter".
  11. Type the shortcut key you wish to use. In our example, you might type:
  12. Tab to the "Close" button.

Voila. You have a shortcut key for your application.