Importing and Exporting in Firefox and Thunderbird

by Peter Tesar

Windows users probably already have the Microsoft applications Internet Explorer (browser) and Outlook Express (mail client). You may have installed the newer Mozilla equivalent applications: Firefox and Thunderbird. These two Mozilla applications are available in versions for both Windows and Linux.

Below are steps to guide you through the import and export process.

Windows Users

In order to import to Firefox or Thunderbird, you will first need to export to create a backup file for each. In both Firefox and Thunderbird you can use the Import Wizard to retrieve data from other applications (in the same partition).

Note: put the backup files in the Linux home directory.

Linux Users

Import and Export Bookmarks in Firefox

Import or Export Book Marks using the html file format.

  1. Open: "BOOKMARKS | Organize Bookmarks".
  2. Use the flat review to left click on "Import and Backup" or "Alt+i" In the list.
  3. Highlight either: "Import html" or "export html" and press "ENTER".
  4. Type the file name.
  5. Select either the "open" or "save" button.

Note:The home directory is the default.

Export Address Book from Thunderbird

  1. "TOOLS | Address Book".
  2. Tab to the Addressbooks list (Personal through Collected).
  3. Highlight the desired address book file.
  4. "TOOLS | Export ".
  5. Type the file name (without the extension). the extension ".ldif" will be added. Note:The home directory is the default.
  6. Select "save".

Import Address Book to Thunderbird

  1. "TOOLS | Address Book | TOOLS | Import ".
  2. Highlight "AddressBooks" in the "Type of Material to Import" list.
  3. Select "next" on the screen titled "Please select the type of file to import".
  4. Arrow down to highlight the address book file in the Location list. The default file format is ".ldif".
  5. choose "comma separated" if importing from Outlook Express. The default location is the home directory
  6. Select "open".